DA Announcement of Punishment for Violating Users
2021-02-20 13:33:28

In order to ensure the majority of users’ gaming experience and create a fair and healthy gaming environment, Dragon Awaken has been committed to cracking down on cheating and other violations, and zero tolerance for any unfair gaming behavior. We hope that everyone can abide by the rules of the game and jointly maintain a healthy game environment.



The following is the recent suspected cheating and other violations of the account and the corresponding punishment measures:


Server               Role name                       Punishment

S83                   Anesdavon                  Permanent closure

S110                 Lilithsparta                  Permanent closure

S113                 Olivia Mora                  Permanent closure 


We hope that all users can work together to maintain a harmonious and fair game environment and refuse to violate the rules. If you find any behavior that is suspected of breaking the fairness of the game, please report it to us in time, we will investigate and verify it seriously. Thank you for your constant support and love for DA. 



DA Operation

20 February 2021