Enjoy Christmas in Dragon Awaken!
2020-12-23 15:00:32

Dear masters, enjoy Christmas in Dragon Awaken! We have prepared many gifts for you!


Event 1: Daily Check In

Rules: Check in to get rewards.(only for mini-client players)


Event 2:Christmas Wheel

Rules:Each player gets 1 free spin for the outer wheel per day. Recharge any amount during 22nd to 26th Dec to get another chance to spin the inner wheel. Each player can spin only once per day. Spin chance will be reset every day at 12 a.m.(PST)

Mini-client players can get extra rewards from the middle button.

Don't forget the Mini-Client exclusive rewards in the middle button.


Duration: 22nd Dec to 26th Dec


More information about the Christmas in-game event and Facebook event is coming soon. Stay tuned!