Dragon Awaken Maintenance Announcement 12/19
2017-12-19 11:20:59

All servers will go offline for maintenance from 16:30-18:30(EST), December 20th,  lasting for 120 minutes.

Please leave the game in advance before maintenance or update time to avoid unnecessary loss. If there is any emergency that causes extension of the downtime, we’ll announce again. 

We are sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding and support. 

Enjoy Dragon Awaken!



1.Added Holiday Messenger: Santa Claus. During December. 23rd to December. 28th, players can claim 1 reward from the Santa Claus.

2.Added One-click Blitz in Wings Trial.

3.Changed Auto Train into One-click Train in Hero Upgrade. Changed Auto Evolve into One-click Evolve in Dragon Spirit.

4.Added HP displays in Battle.

5.Optimized Lucky Shop, it sales 4 kinds of Items in each page. There will be a high Discount Item in every refresh.

6.Added 2 pages in Bag’s Vault.

7.Max VIP Level increased to VIP15.

8.Optimized Tutorial. Now you can directly enter the Battle.

9.Added Time Chest. Complete Daily Quest to receive Time Chests in Elf Chest or kill Wild Monsters to receive Time Chests.

10.Added Hero Starnet System. Unlocks at Lv. 48. Use Hero Recruitment Cards to upgrade Hero Starnets and increase your BR.

11.Optimized the Mount Card: Changed the Mount Card to Mount Exchange Card. You can exchange Mounts as many times as you like now.



Dragon Awaken Operation

December 19th,2017