Player GM recruitment
2017-11-23 16:01:06

Perhaps every player have had such a small dream - to find a job related to the game, every day to work while playing games, While getting paid!

Today, " Dragon Awaken" gives you a chance! Anyone who loves " Dragon Awaken " can apply to join the " Dragon Awaken Player GM" army, at the same time you also can receive the official payment of remuneration, experience the thrill of free play games!

Recruiting time: November 23, 2017 - November 30, 2015


Recruiting number: 5


Recruitment conditions:

1. You must be a Dragon Awaken player (you must own 1 Dragon Awaken game ID);

2. you must be an experienced " Dragon Awaken " players (the game level over 35);

3. you must be a willing to help others.


The rights of the player GM:

2000 diamonds and VIP experience card(7days)*2 /Month


GM players should do their duty:

1. Let all players like " Dragon Awaken " was their  the mission——put an end to excessive conflicts with the players;

2. All the behavior in the game need to consider their own "player GM identity";

3.Do not ask the player's account information in any way, shall not violate the user code;

4. Found out problems and BUGS, and to report;

5. Assist the government to deal with some problems.


Application Process:

Please fill in the following information to  DA_SERVICE@OUTLOOK.COM, we will contact you after receiving the Application.


Fill in the application as follows:

Your name or nickname:

Game account:

Game character name:

Game character level:

Your country:

Application reason:

Contact E-mail:

FB Personal Home Page Address:


If you have any questions, you can get in touch with us:



Dragon Awaken Operation Team


November 23, 2017